A downloadable game for Windows

This is survival game prototype created in 72 hours for Survive the Game Jam 2 in June 2017.

It's buggy, glitchy and almost completely untested - but it's done!

Design, 3D models and programming by Snebjørn Andersen

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable.


Yondvor - The Trek.zip 220 MB


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         I think this entry is a great idea! I however think it should definitely been more expanded on, but I guess from reading your daily updates you were working as much as you could on it, and for the amount of time given you did a great job. But since I like nitpicking, (Not a personal thing to you or anything, just wanna give some good criticism) here we go.

1. Game was a little slow (In progression wise,) I think it would have been nice to have the group also run if you ran, and also maybe have some kind of stamina bar so that the player is limited in their sprinting, because I found myself always sprinting, and the only time I walked was to make it so that the group wasn't so far.

2. There was really no real (visual) indication that I was doing damage to enemies. There was audio for it, but there was no health bar, so at first I didn't even know if I was actually hitting him because he was taking a lot of hits for some reason.

3. Audio is a lil loud. I dunno if it was just my computer or whatever, but just a small problemo I had.

4. Movement is a little awkward. I would have liked to have WASD movement instead of mouse movement, but I'm sure people would like mouse movement as well, so i think you could maybe include both, but I don't know.

that was basically all I had problems with in my time playing. Don't take this as a "I hate your game and you as a person!" just as a "I hope you maybe improve on these things for your future games" Anyhow, good luck on your future games and I hope you enter in the next STGJ (Survive The Game Jam)!

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback - much appreciated!

I agree completely with all the points you bring up, and in fact, everything mentioned is stuff that ended up on my "nice to have" list and thus didn't make it into the game.

The scope of the project was definitely too ambitious for the time available, but to put a positive spin on this: it was a really good learning experience in terms of prioritising features! :-D

yeah! I hope you can get everything you want in your games next time and you'll improve over time!