A downloadable game

Created in five hours for the "Game from an Image" jam April 2017

All content created during the jam, based on the jam's theme image, which was used for all textures.

  • Player character created with MakeHuman + Mixamo animations
  • Trees created with Forester Pro
  • Rocks created with Medusa
  • Terrain created with Gaia
  • Music created with Band-in-a-Box + Reaper
  • Gameplay based on Adventure Creator
  • Normal maps created from the theme image using Bitmap2Material

Not much of a plot, but five hours is NO TIME AT ALL!!!

Also, going 3D was probably not helpful in sticking to the jam theme, but once a decision has been made, there's just no time to change your mind - and I tried to stick with the original image for inspiration.


Vinterskygge.zip 94 MB

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