See if you can outsmart the evil garden that is trying to fence you in by growing new hedges behind your back!

This ugly game design disaster escaped in March 2017 from the "Weekend Crazy Jam 4 - Procedural Generation". The theme was "Not Mindless Garden".

Contains some of the worst code I've thrown together in years, and the whole design is a complete abomination. My first attempt at a PICO-8 game, and I'm still not friends with the Lua programming language, so trying to implement a procedural generation system from scratch was probably a Bad Idea[TM].

But hey, it was a learning experience, and at least I created everything myself during the weekend, and finished before the deadline ...

Graphics, music, SFX, bad design and horrible code by Snebjørn Andersen

Note: The music was created from a randomly generated chord progression to comply with the "procedural generation" concept.

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